by Ejemen Iyayi 

Hey guys! Here’s a video that Eugene and I put together to welcome you all to Dialogues Youth Vancouver. Watch it to find out a little bit more about who we are and why we’re getting involved in this project:

Welcome To Dialogues Youth Vancouver from Vancouver Dialogues Project on Vimeo.

We’re looking for participation from you, your friends and all others who have an interest in this initiative. What do you want to say and/or learn about First Nations, Urban Aboriginal and immigrant/non-Aboriginal relations?

Please contact us with any suggestions you may have about interesting people that you’d like to see interviewed, stories you want to hear about, topics you would like to tackle with us, and even ideas you’d like to see incorporated into our future events, activities and publications.

You can start the conversation right now if you’d like by following us on Twitter and/or liking our Facebook page. You can even take that a step further and start using the hashtag #vandialogues to let us know what you’re thinking about!

Go on… Get clicking! 🙂

join the dialogue..

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