By Eugene Boulanger

Dialogues Youth has a mandate to create spaces for youth from First Nations, urban Aboriginal and immigrant/non-Aboriginal backgrounds to forge connections, share experiences, and develop strategies to engage and overcome systemic barriers.

In order to identify what the barriers and obstacles may be, or what issues need challenging, we find it very important to consult with these communities themselves. A large part of this reasoning is why we chose to use social media, as well as a series of Dialogues Sessions; to facilitate a conversation to identify exactly what it is that youth in Vancouver’s diverse communities would like to challenge.

Below is a video shot by Ejemen and myself in which we go out onto the street to ask a few people some questions relating to our project. We asked them these questions:

What do you know about First Nations history or culture? What do you know about the issues being faced by immigrants today? If you could know more about First Nations peoples, what would it be? If you could know more about the issues being faced by immigrants today, what would it be? And, how would you best like to learn about these things?

What Do You Want To See? from Vancouver Dialogues Project on Vimeo.

While we develop our Dialogues Sessions and begin planning for a conference we will be hosting in June 2012, we need to know more about what it is that Vancouver’s diverse youth communities would like to see happen. Show us your blog, your organization, your project, your initiative, your artwork, and help us to create a dialogue worth having!


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