By Ejemen Iyayi

The Project Steering Group (PSG) of the Vancouver Dialogues Project is made up of supportive members from local First Nations, Aboriginal and immigrant-serving organizations and other stakeholder groups. This passionate and exceptional group of people help to guide the implementation of the Project.

Eugene and I have had the opportunity to speak with some PSG members and ask them about their thoughts and insights on Dialogues Youth – the youth engagement piece of the Vancouver Dialogues Project. Farid Rohani, who is a PSG member as well as the Chair of the Board of Directors of the Laurier Institution, shared with us some of his thoughts about the Dialogues Project and the importance of youth engagement in this second phase.

Check out his answers to our questions below and don’t hesitate to leave a comment after!

DYV: Briefly tell us who you are (including your name, title and organization).

FR: Farid Rohani, Chair of the Board of Directors, Laurier Institution

DYV: Why are you supporting the Dialogues Project?

FR: The Dialogues project is about building bridges to what made Canada, it is about understanding the culture that influenced multiculturalism and the current face of Canada.

DYV: What has been key outcomes for you?

FR: Knowledge, that word sums everything up as it is not limited. I have gained knowledge about how little I knew and how much I still have to learn.

DYV: Why is it important to engage with youth?

FR: The youth are our future. Knowledge at this time will become ubiquitous for future discussion and passing on to the future generations. 

DYV: What do you hope to see from youth participation?

FR: Energy, new ideas, fresh perspective and more dialogue. Participation, engagement and better outcome.

What do you think about Dialogues Youth and youth engagement? Share your thoughts on this post in a comment, tweet or Facebook wall post.


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