By: Eugene Boulanger

Last weekend, Ejemen and I had a chance to sit down with Vince Terstappen of Check Your Head, and Carven Li of Our City of Colours to talk about a few things in relation to youth engagement and cross-cultural sharing.

We asked them to share with us how they each chose to get into the work that they do with Check Your Head, and Our City of Colours, and why dialogue is valuable in the work that they are doing. One reason was that dialogue is useful for breaking silence, which is crucial in challenging difficult ideas together, as a community.

Vince and Carven also spoke to some of the challenges faces when working with people to bring themselves to a place where they can investigate their own stereotypes and biases in earnest. Safe spaces in which to do this work are an essential component of exercises which encourage self-investigation.

I asked them to share with me the role cultural sharing plays in their work, and then I asked them why it is important to engage youth. Eloquently put, it is because youth have demonstrated that they have opinions about large topics, and usually have insights into issues that are valuable and impressive!

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Check Your Head and Our City of Colours from Vancouver Dialogues Project on Vimeo.

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