By Ejemen Iyayi

On Tuesday morning, Eugene and I sat down with Claire Love Wilson to chat more about Dialogues Youth. Soon after conversations about our interests in the project and sharing parts of our own personal stories with each other, we settled into an honest space of dialogue. This space allowed us to delve deeper into our thoughts on the threads of commonality which tie our narratives together as members of indigenous and non-indigenous communities in Vancouver.

Claire, a Vancouver youth who is majoring in First Nations Studies at the University of British Columbia (UBC), was gracious enough to share her thoughts and experiences with us on camera. In the video interview below, with great sincerity and articulation, she speaks on her reflections about historical and contemporary concepts of Whiteness, her own White identity, as well being able to “…build [a] capacity to actually sit with difference…” as an ally trying to build bridges between First Nations, urban Aboriginal and immigrant/non-Aboriginal populations on this land.

We are grateful to Claire for sharing her story, thoughts and opinions with all of us.

Thanks for reading and watching!

Please comment below and share with others. We want to hear what your thoughts are as well!

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