Cultural exchange visits: three additional visits were held in 2012. The first event, an intercultural dialogue, consisted of an urban ink performance and an artist panel discussion on race and representation in the media. The second event was a food dialogue and sampling event which included a panel discussion, samples of food from Aboriginal and immigrant communities, and a conversation on how food can play a role in building community capacity and bridging communities. The third event was an integrated culinary, art-making and dialogue lunch event for forty invited First Nation, urban Aboriginal and immigrant artists, community and cultural leaders, and residents of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

Dialogue for cultural visit participants: This event was planned in collaboration with the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre, and provided an opportunity to do a book launch for Our Roots: Stories from Grandview-Woodland, a legacy initiative of the Dialogues Project.

Youth dialogue sessions: Three (3) youth dialogue sessions were held to foster connections between immigrant and Aboriginal youth. These dialogue sessions explored topics such as: challenging stereotypes, identifying shared interests and celebrating cultural diversity.

Youth Summit: A two and a half day long youth conference was organized by the Dialogues Youth team in collaboration with the citizen U program, an anti-discrimination youth leadership training initiative. This summit engaged youth from immigrant and Aboriginal communities.

Newcomers Guide to First Nations and Aboriginal Communities: The framework outlines focus areas, scope of information and resources for newcomers to learn about Aboriginal communities in Vancouver.

Cultural Visit How-To-Guide: A resource for First Nations, urban Aboriginal and immigrant-serving organizations who are interested in hosting a cultural exchange visit was developed by the project staff team.

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