A series of dialogue circles were held between April and July 2010 at nine venues around the city. The dialogue circles invited participants to share their stories and experiences, within small group settings, on social inclusion and relations between Aboriginal and immigrant/non-Aboriginal communities. The goal of the circles was to facilitate discussions on how stronger cross-cultural alliances may be built. Each dialogue group met three times to focus on a particular theme at each session (past relations, current relations, and future relations between Aboriginal and immigrant/non-Aboriginal communities). All dialogue circles were facilitated and recorded.

On July 15, 2010, a closing dialogue session was held at the Vancouver Public Library, Central branch, to report out on the learnings of the circles and to give all participants an opportunity to identify and prioritize next steps . Mayor Gregor Robertson as well as the Right Honourable Mme. Adrienne Clarkson and Mr. John Ralston Saul also attended to give greetings. The discussions arising out of the dialogue circles informed the writing of the Vancouver Dialogues book, which includes the key initiatives, events and achievements of the project. View executive summary from Dialogue Circles

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