What is Dialogues Youth?

As part of its second phase, the Vancouver Dialogues Project aims to strengthen youth representation in moving the dialogue forward. Dialogues Youth is being developed as a City-supported, self-sustaining process, which aims to engage youth in forming long lasting relationships based on mutual understanding and respect through the use of youth-defined, accessible, and relevant mediums and spaces.

The Dialogues Youth Sessions

The Dialogues Youth Sessions are a series of events designed to foster mutual understanding and respect while encouraging collaboration in the development of a meaningful, accessible and constructive Youth Conference to be held in June 2012.

If you are between the ages of 17-25 and are interested in registering for one of our Dialogues Youth Sessions, please visit our Dialogues Sessions page for more information.

For information regarding the Dialogues Youth Conference, stay in touch! Subscribe to our blog, join the conversation on Twitter, and like our Facebook page for important updates as they happen.

Please note that if you identify as youth but do not fall into the above mentioned age range, we will not turn you away if you express interest in participating in Dialogues Youth events.