Our Vision and Mission

Our vision for Vancouver is a city in which the youth of all communities relate each other with mutual respect and understanding, bringing unique traditional and cultural values to modern relationships, while establishing equitable access to, and self-determination over, strategic resources.

Our mission is to create spaces for youth from First Nations, urban Aboriginal and immigrant/non-Aboriginal backgrounds to forge connections, share experiences, and develop strategies to engage and overcome systemic barriers.

Vancouver Youth Dialogues will promote sustained dialogue among Indigenous and immigrant/non-Aboriginal youth.

Our Values

We value community, accessibility, self-determination, representation, and equity. We also value dialogue for challenging discrimination, systemic oppression, and colonialism–as well as sharing strengths and celebrating our cultures. Through dialogue, we believe that youth can influence history. Tell your stories, be heard, listen, and take action.

Our Goals

We aim to build alliances among First Nations, Urban Aboriginal, and immigrant/non-Aboriginal youth within Vancouver. We aim to learn your goals. What is your vision for an inclusive Vancouver? How do you define inclusiveness and accessibility? What does self-determination look like to you? How would you like to be represented by your leaders? When will you feel equity in your city?

Through supporting engagement activities, gathering information and developing a series of youth community engagement initiatives, we hope to enable youth to present their perspectives and vision for the future at the Dialogues Youth Conference in June 2012.