During the course of our weekend, we are happy to be presenting two panel discussions with emerging and established artists, writers, filmmakers, and activists.

Art As A Tool Of Resistance | Friday, June 15th 6:45pm City Hall, Town Hall Room

Rania Abou-Samra, Multimedia Artist, Dancer
Syahidah Ismail, Writer
Claire Love-Wilson, Filmmaker
Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers, Filmmaker, Actor, Writer, Activist

In Friday’s discussion, our panelists will present on their perspectives and experiences of using various artistic mediums to foster dialogue and inspire thought. How does your work act as a vehicle of thought to challenge systemic barriers and colonial legacies which hinder strengthened relations between our community members?

Converging Views, Emerging Practice | Saturday, June 16th 12:50pm SFU Centre for Dialogue Asia Pacific Hall

Harsha Walia, Writer, Activist
Alden E. Habacon, Founder, Schema Magazine
Alano Edzerza, Edzerza Gallery
Jeska Slater, Founder, Young Artist Warriors
Eleanor Guerrero-Campbell, Executive Director, Multicultural Helping House Society

Our panelists will each present on their perspectives and experiences in their differing fields of study, and we will explore how their work has the capacity to reach common goals – justice, peace, and harmonious coexistence – from their diverse practices.