Phase 1 Project Initiatives

Phase 1 of the Vancouver Dialogues Project included the following five main initiatives:

Dialogue circles: The circles brought together members of the Aboriginal and immigrant/non-Aboriginal communities to share stories and perspectives with each other. Circles were facilitated and focused on three broad topics: remembering the past, reflecting on current issues, and envisioning strategies for building future relationships.

Community research: The project conducted a community survey and interviews to find out people’s experiences and perspectives on community relations. The project also conducted a literature scan to find out what information is easily accessible to newcomers about Aboriginal communities.

Cultural exchange visits: Twelve cultural exchange visits were held to give communities opportunities to engage with each other face-to-face through on-site visits and learn more about each other’s history, culture and perspectives. Visits were hosted by Aboriginal, immigrant and youth communities.

Youth and elders program: Youth and elders held separate dialogue sessions to discuss issues around intercultural and intergenerational relations. They also received photography training to help them complete photovoice projects, on which they collaborated in small groups.

Legacy project: A story gathering project called “Our Roots”, took place in the Grandview-Woodlands neighbourhood. Story Gatherers conducted interviews of residents to help give voice to diverse Aboriginal and immigrant experiences of the Grandview-Woodlands neighbourhood.

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